Regal Elegance Unveiled: Davido Redefines African Royalty Through Style in His Latest Music Video 

Davido’s latest music video “Na Money” featuring Angelique Kidjo and Cavemen is an ode to African Royalty.

Beyond the rhythmic cadence and captivating visuals, the video stands as a testament to the richness and diversity of African culture.

What truly shines in this visual masterpiece is the resplendent fashion. Every ensemble selected for the video embodies a regal elegance, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity. Each garment tells a story, echoing the heritage and grandeur of African royalty. The intricate beadwork, vibrant prints, and opulent textures pay homage to the continent’s rich sartorial legacy, elevating the essence of African style to a global platform.

Davido’s profound connection to his African roots shines through every frame, impeccably complemented by the meticulous styling that represents Africa’s diversity. If this were a cinematic masterpiece, Davido would undoubtedly be the youthful monarch, with Cavemen embodying affluent princes from a neighboring kingdom, closely allied with the young king. And Angelique Kidjo? She effortlessly embodies the regal grace of a Queen mother.

The video beautifully showcases Africa’s multifaceted cultural tapestry.

Through “Na Money,” Davido not only presents a musical masterpiece but also becomes a torchbearer, illuminating the world with a vision of African opulence, fashion, and regality that resonates far beyond the confines of a music video.

Hats off to Davido for pioneering fresh narrative, unveiling the tapestry of African opulence to the global stage. The music video’s stylist, @styledbyyln, deserves applause for ensuring Africa’s magnificence takes center stage.

Song title: Na Money by Davido ft Angelique Kidjo and The Cavemen

Video Director: Dammy Twitch

Written by Baridi David for Style Today Magazine